Reduced Emission from Deforestation
and Degradation

This Website provides an overview of the progress of REDD+ in Liberia

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Welcome to Redd+ Liberia

The aim of Liberia REDD+ is to encourage the nation to contribute to climate change mitigation efforts by: i) reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by slowing, halting and reversing forest loss and degradation; and ii) increasing removal of GHGs from the earth’s atmosphere through the conservation, management and expansion of forests.

The County has showed interest in REDD+ and was required to progress through three phases, which are closely linked. These include:

  • readiness phase, involving the development of national strategies or action plans, REDD+ mitigation actions, and capacity building;
  • implementation of national strategies and results-based demonstration activities, enacting REDD+ actions and national strategies or plans that could involve further capacity building, technology development and transfer, and results-based demonstration activities;
  • Results-based actions that must be fully measured, reported and verified.

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Liberia Forest Sector Project

The project development objectives of Forest Sector Project for Liberia improved management of, and increased benefit-sharing in, targeted forest landscapes.

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